Mesa Affordable Dentist

At Mountain View Family Dentistry of Mesa, we want to make your dental treatment affordable as well as comfortable. If you have concerns about the cost of your care, please bring them up. We listen, and we will work with you.

There May Be Affordable Treatment Options

picture of Mesa affordable dentistry patientYes, everyone would like to have ideal dental treatment. But ideal treatment may be expensive, so it may be more practical to look at other options. Dental implants are a good example. They’re recognized as being the best and most natural replacement for missing teeth.

But there are three acceptable ways to replace missing teeth. A removable partial denture could work very well for you and would be a fraction of the cost of dental implants.

Dentists naturally want to do ideal treatment on every patient. Some dentists insist on that. Dr. Guffey and the other dentists at Mountain View Family Dentistry are not that way. Yes, we will always let you know what the perfect treatment should be. But we will explain all your options, the pros and cons, and the costs of each, so that you can choose.

We will also tell you what is urgent and what can be put off. Some treatment, like an infected tooth or a small cavity that will only get bigger, needs to be taken care of right away. Other treatment, like crowns and replacing missing teeth, can sometimes wait. Phasing your treatment over a couple of years can help you stay within your budget.

Affordable Fees

Sometimes dental fees can seem excessive. Here, we don’t feel that fees need to be that high. We strive to keep them reasonable.

We also try not to be too aggressive in our treatment recommendations. For example, crowns are a lot more expensive than fillings. Do you really need that crown? Or would you do just fine with a filling? We will tell you honestly.

Mountain View Family Dentistry Gives You Many Payment Options

You can pay by credit card, if that helps. We also offer cash discounts with full payment up front, an In-Office Discount Plan for people without dental insurance (25% savings), Monthly New Patient Specials, and Short-Term payment options (for certain cases).

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Please call our offices at 480-830-0262 so we can provide you with all the details on any of our payment options.